[Podcast] Ben Kogut’s Advice To Those Looking For Passive Income Through Commercial Real Estate

Director of Investor Relations Ben Kogut was recently a guest on the Austin Real Estate Investing podcast. During the interview, he was asked what advice he'd give someone looking to earn passive income and invest in the asset classes HJH syndicates.

His response:

"If their goal is immediate passive income on a monthly basis, then I would encourage them to look for cash-flowing deals that provide that for them. I would advise them to find the balance between the risk and the reward. In our case, our investors are averaging somewhere between 10-12% return on their money on an annual basis, and that doesn’t factor what the exit is going to be, that’s purely cash-flow that comes out of the deal.

Then I would tell them to find... 

✓ the right people, the right team

✓ the right track record

✓ the right amount of transparency

✓ the tools for communicating

✓ the accessibility to be able to ask questions

✓ the consistency of the reporting 

You can listen to the podcast here.